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Are you experiencing drafts and cold areas around your house because of older windows? If the answer is YES, and you have single pane glass, then installing interior storm windows may be a better solution than replacement windows. In fact, installing storm windows will provide you with UV protection that blocks 98% of all ultraviolet radiation coming through your windows and reduce the cost of cooling your home. By installing storm windows, you can protect your furniture, carpets, flooring, artwork, pets and people from harmful UV radiation, plus, get all the energy saving, noise damping, and comfort boosting benefits storm windows provide.


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Thinking of Replacing Your Windows With Energy Efficient Windows


Just by adding storm windows, you can get about 15% more energy efficiency than installing new double pane replacement windows. In fact, according to a study by the California Office of Historic Preservation, a U value chart the compares old windows with storm windows and new double pane thermal replacement windows shows:


♦ U value of a single pane window (that old wood window): 1.10
♦ U value of a single pane window combined with a storm window: 0.50
♦ U value of an expensive new double pane thermal replacement window: 0.58

(remember that the lower the U value the better. You will note that your old window combined with a storm window is about 15% more energy efficient than that new replacement window. Those new windows will cost you, not save you money.)


In addition, most of the replacement window advertising indicates that replacing your old windows with new replacement windows is a good investment. Is it?


According to the same study, it can take as much at 30+ years to pay back the cost of replacing your windows with new energy efficient double pane replacement windows.


The study showed:


♦ Yearly energy saving between a single pane window and a double pane thermal replacement window (on one 3’ x 5’ window): 625,922 Btu
♦ Annual savings per window if using gas heat at $1.77 /therm: $12.39/ year
♦ Simple payback if you assume a decent replacement window will cost $450 installed: $450/ $12.39 year = 32 1/4 years!!


In addition to the above, a new window has a product production embodied energy of about 2,300,000 Btu. This production embodied energy does not include the embodied energy to mine, cut and deliver the raw materials. Adding this energy to the mix, adds an additional 6 years to the payback period.


So the total payback period is 38 1/4 years!!

(Not a good investment. You would do better by putting your money in a bank savings account! Also remember that as most thermal replacement windows will have a life span of 15 to 20 years, they will not last long enough to pay themselves off.)


If you just add storm windows to you single pane window:


♦ Yearly energy saving between a single pane window combined with a storm window (on one 3’ x 5’ window): 722,218 Btu
♦ Annual savings per window if using gas heat at $1.77 /therm: $21.84/ year
♦ Simple payback if you assume a standard interior storm window will cost $200: $200/ $21.84 year = 9 years!!

(A good investment, and you get to keep those beautiful wood windows with the wavy glass.)


Want more energy efficiency from your windows without replacing them?


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Museum Grade UV Protection for Your Furniture, Rugs, Artwork & You


Not sure what museum grade is? Look at the fabric on your furniture or peel back the carpet near a window where the sun pours through. If there is any fading, it means the material is beginning to break down due to prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation.


In addition to damage to your carpet and furniture, you are fighting the heat infiltration coming through you windows, which increases the cost of air conditioning you home in the summer by about 20%. In fact, according to a US Department of Energy study, "interior storm windows produced a 22% reduction in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning energy use and reduced building envelope leakage by 8.6%".


Our museum grade storm windows will also maintain their UV protection performance for many years to come. Independent testing shows virtually no reduction in UV filtering after a 15-year period.



The museum grade insert is crystal clear and has no tenting.


If you add our museum grade storm windows, you can reduce drafts and air infiltration by as much as 95%, reduce energy usage by as much as 22% and block 98% of the UV radiation entering your home through the windows.


In addition to energy savings, you also need protection from harmful UV radiation to your skin. The sun's UV radiation can penetrate windows to reach the skin, accelerating skin ageing by several years. Since our museum grade storm windows block 98% of the UV radiation entering your home through windows, you can feel safe that you are protected from this hazard.


Are you ready to upgrade your old windows, save energy and get information about our energy efficient storm window inserts?

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We charge a nominal fee of $130 to come to your home, evaluate your storm window insert needs, measure the job and make recommendations on the best product for your project.. This fee will be credited to your account if we are selected to do the work.

All prices quoted include installation labor, materials, sales tax and delivery charges.


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